CT ColorBlast PSU-750


City Theatrical ColorBlast PSU-750

Available Fixtures: 1
Condition: Very Good
Date of Manufacture: 2010

Price: $375.00
*Must be sold with x12 ColorBlast 12 TR.

PDS-750 TR is a multi-output power/data supply designed by City Theatrical Inc, specifically for use with Color Kinetics systems in entertainment and events lighting applications. Ruggedly designed for temporary installations, PDS-750 TR is able to withstand the harsh usage conditions of entertainment and rental environments.

PDS-750 TR touring power/data supply, featuring Color Kinetics data drive circuitry, provides power and DMX data control to a variety of Color Kinetics intelligent, solid- state lights. The data circuitry conditions data supplied from a DMX512 controller, including Color Kinetics full line of controllers, to a format compatible with the fixtures. In addition to DMX512 data interface, PDS-750 TR includes seven types of user-configurable fade and chase effects for stand-alone operation.


  • 750 Watt internal power supply
  • C-clamp and safety mounting points
  • One-touch fixture addressing
  • Seven user-configurable stand-alone effects
  • DMX512 interface
  • DMX512 output for synchronized stand-alone operation on multiple PDS-750 TR supplies