Architectural Effects Lighting

We LIGHT up your world

Demand attention with architectural effects, lighting, and design by TMS.

One of the most defining elements of a building, installation or event entrance is the lighting. Specifically, elemental lighting calls your attention to a decorative aspect, highlights a directional sign, or projects the feeling of a special occasion. TMS has both the technical expertise and artistic skills to create lighting designs that define your unique space or event.

Uplight the entire exterior of a building. Project your company’s logo in lights. Create playful or colorful accents and set the mood in any unique space. No matter if it’s an interior hallway or the entire skyscraper, TMS specializes in architectural lighting installations that light up your world.

  • Interior/Exterior Effects
  • Accent/Element Lighting
  • Uplighting
  • Architectural and Signage Lighting