BaseHazer Pro


Haze Base – Base Hazer Pro

The Base Hazer Pro is designed for versatility, efficiency and reliability.  Utilized on thousands of world wide tours, this rugged machine can create effects from the finest mist to the densest haze.

The Base Hazer Pro reaches operation in less that 60 seconds and has a built-in cleaning cycle every time the unit is shut down. Designed to run at a very low noise level.

Base Hazer Pro fluid is water based and extremely efficient. The unit can run for as much as 135 hours on a 5-liter bottle of fluid.


  • Control via stand-alone or DMX.
  • Automatic cleaning cycle set on shutdown.
  • Built into Amptown case
  • Pharmaceutical grade water-based fluid.
  • Full operation is achievable in less than 60 seconds.
  • Integrated Fan
  • 5 Liter Tank