Martin JEM Ready 365


Martin JEM Ready 365

The JEM Ready 365 is a revolutionary C02 based hazer that produces outstanding fine-particulate atmospheric effects for larger venues. Using an advanced water-based fluid that gives a comparable performance to oil, this premium hazer produces the ultimate transparent haze.

The JEM Ready 365 Hazer houses advanced technology like automatic shutdown with battery backup to prevent clogging and OFG (Out of Gas) technology that allows the Ready 365 to produce haze even after gas pressure loss, giving the user time to change the gas cylinder.The Ready 365 is extremely economical and sips small amounts of fluid leaving no residue or smell after dissipation.

The easy-to-use plug and play system requires minimal set up time. Coupled with a list of innovative features and nearly silent in operation, the JEM Ready 365 is the ideal hazer for theatres, house of worship, spoken word, studios, clubs, cruise ships, theme parks and much more.

  • Exceptional Effect Quality – similar to oil based effects.
  • Near Silent Operation, limited fan and pump noise.
  • Actors’ Equity/Broadway League Approved.


  • Water based fluid provides long hang time and evenly dispersed effect.
  • 3.8 l concealed fluid reservoir can yield over 200+ hours of operation.
  • Sealed fluid system with quick-connect fittings.
  • Inert gas operation from either CO2 or N2.
  • Low inert gas consumption. Economical .42kg (.91lb.) per hour at maximum output.
  • Gas transfer hose fitted with quick-connect fittings for fast and easy setup.
  • Integrated airflow director for smooth haze distribution.
  • Plug-and-play with programmable fast-access keys, stored memory.
  • DMX control with RDM as standard.
  •  Optional precision fixed regulator for maximum durability.
  • Robust road worthy construction.