Real EFX – DF-50


Real EFX DF-50

Enhance show lighting with the DF-50 Diffusion Hazer.  The DF-50 provides a safe, economical non-glycol haze with no heat.  the DF-50 produces haze with superior hang-time (3 hours+) while using less than two ones of fluid per hour.  That translates into low operating cost of about a penny per minute.  The DF-50 Diffusion Hazer does not require a warm-up period, and can run for 35 hours on 1/2 gallon of fog fluid.  The fog fluid is odorless and when used properly leaves no residue.


  • Safest, cleanest, and most efficient hazer for the entertainment industry.
  • Provides safe and economical non-glycol haze with no heat.
  • Hang time of 3 hrs plus with no warm up period required.
  • Haze fluid is odorless and leaves no residue when used properly.