MEGA-LITE Circa Scoop XS


The Circa Scoop XS is a smaller addition to the Circa Scoop LED Series. This is a smaller next-level unit designed with different elements that can be used in multiple applications. It features a variety of technological components that add a one of a kind look to any concert, church, theater or club. The Circa XS Scoop LED isn’t like any other fixture, with a retro look and modern twist it is an upscale unit designed to liven up any setting it is used in. Whether placed on the floor, rigged or in the different Unit Mounting Frame accessories, this unique fixture can make any setting stand out from the rest. It has the design and effects you’ve been looking for, let its multiple elements make you stand out!


  • 84 RGB, 12 WW, and 45 WW + AMBER
  • Two unique accessories a four unit mounting frame and a seven unit mounting frame which can be used for unique lighting positions.
  • Independent control of dimmer, macro, and strobe along with the availability to create variable shades of white.