HES ShapeShifter C1


High End Systems ShapeShifter C1

  • ShapeShifter C1 features custom lensing and has the brightest LED range available today. This moving fixture offers flexibility with its innovative range, speed, and power. It has 7 independently controlled modules which can create a large array of highly defined beams that create a multitude of effects from bold to subtle.


  • LED Type- Cree XPE 2
  • LED Hours- 50,000
  • Custom Integrated Lens
  • High Contrast Beams Beam Angle- 10°
  • 7 Modules with Discreet Control
  • 6 Moving Modules- 36 Degrees X/Y Movement
  • Onboard Dynamic Macros
  • Environment Fan Control Electronic Cooling System Control
  • Control Options- OMX 512/RDM
  • Enhanced and Reduced Protocols
    • DMX Channels- 28- Standard, 79- Enhanced
    • Fixtures Per Universe- 18- Standard, 6- Enhanced