Xlaser Polaris


X-Laser Polaris Audience Scan

100% legal & eye-safe
When combined with the proper safety setup, X-Laser’s Polaris technology offers the safest, most immersive laser experience on the market.  More than that, throughout the life of your laser, we here at X-Laser are committed to helping you ensure that Polaris systems, along with all high-powered lasers, can be used safely thanks to full operator training and compliance assistance.

Feel the power
Polaris technology puts your audience right in the thick of your own spectacular laser designs, which feature power levels many times higher than standard laser projectors can safely deliver.  Unleashing your laser from special effect restrictions, Polaris has launched a completely new platform in lighting design.

Imagine endless possibilities
With Polaris technology, countless never-before-seen effects are within your grasp.  Can you imagine, for example, a Star Wars ride where the fighters fire their lasers past you? We can –  and it’s only one of the infinite possibilities that Polaris technology allows.


  • Polaris is not itself a laser but a fully integrated audience immersion safety system that combines world-class hardware, software tools and a simplified setup procedure that can be added to all Defiant laser platforms.
  • Polaris-enabled projectors include not only pre-calibrated hardware and outstanding user training, but X-Laser will also work with you to amend your “audience scanning” FDA variance, which is required before using the audience immersion system. The projector itself can be used immediately if the purchaser already holds a variance, and can be used for audience immersion once the FDA approves the “audience scanning” amendment.
  • Each Polaris system will be cleaned and re-calibrated at no extra cost each year for the life of the unit. (Shipping not included.)
  • Guaranteed to comply with FDA regulations for audience immersion systems.
  • Polaris-enabled systems are much too powerful for casual use and are intended for professional lighting users, venues and professional production companies only.