Desiti Cyc


De Sisti Giotto Cyc

The Giotto overhead cyclorama top light luminaire is the result of an innovative design by De Sisti who has developed a source providing even illumination through the full of cycloramas. Built from punched sheet metal with an asymmetrical reflector developed with a revolutionary shape and material wich allows the luminaires to outperform the existing optical characteristics for this kind of luminaire. Additionally, due to this original design the physical dimension of these luminaires make them very compact especially in height.
The colour frame is designed to hold the gel tangential to the lamp so as to achieve the best coefficient of transmission and eliminate colour aberration on the projection. The units are available in a range of standard configuration and modules.


    • Compact, construction and modular design for cyclorama over-head illumination, using linear tungsten- quartz-halogen filament lamps having R7s sockets and length of 118mm
    • Rugged and Lightweight Carbon Steel housing with low glare black epoxy powder coating, with front curved supports for filter frame, in order to hold the colored filters almost perpendicular to the output light rays and guarantee best output energy transmission and no color aberration
    • Compact overall housing height to minimize geometrical influence on back-lighting fixtures assembled between the background and the top cyclorama lights (other brands of top cyclorama lights use a tall housing that very often is obstructing the above mentioned back-lights)
    • High efficiency convection cooling
    • Such a unique optical system is guaranteeing not only the asymmetrical emission required, but a higher efficiency of the Giotto if compared with other competitive products. Also the special shape of the optical system is permitting the savings on the overall height of the lighting fixture
    • Flexible filter frame per compartment, to keep the gel tangential to the light output rays so as to achieve the best coefficient of transmission of the color filters, avoiding their overheating and eliminating color aberration on the projection
    • Each lamp compartment is equipped with a stainless steel wire guard
    • The accessories are secure regardless of the orientation of the fixture