Cosmic Truss U-Torm


Cosmic Truss U-Torm 50 & U-Torm 100

The U-Torm from Cosmic Truss, is a flexible and lightweight solution for hanging drop positions for lighting, projection and other equipment in a modular format.

Comprised of lightweight modules and sections, the unique truss design allows endless configurations for single fixtures, double hangs. or ladders of multiple fixtures, which can also be expanded to create a wall of hanging positions.

The U-Torm is available in two standard sizes, but can be built upon and customized using the standard Cosmic Truss F31 range of 2 in. pipes, T sections, spigots, and corner adapters. These all fit seamlessly into the U-Torm, allowing you to create hanging positions or structures in an unlimited variety of combinations.

The U-Torm system has been designed for quick deployment and take down in any environment. For both sizes, the lightweight aluminum construction design is reinforced to provide added durability and stability.

The U-Torm Base allows the mounting of the smaller U-Torm 50 to a wheeled steel base, up to 3 sections high and loaded with fixtures, which can remain set allowing fast deployment and transportation.

Handy safety point attachments are fitted on each side of the U-shaped construction to cater for multiple fixture types.

The U-Torm 50 is capable of taking center point loads of up to 110 lbs. (50 kg). If hung in a ladder configuration, it is possible to mount up to ten fixtures.

The larger U-Torm 100 is able to take a center load of up to 220 lbs. (100 kg), and up to five units can be mounted in a ladder formation.


  • Available in U-Torm 50 & U-Torm 100
  • U-Torm 50 Center Point Load 110lbs
  • U-Torm 100 Center Point Load 220lbs