PixelPar 90L


PixelRange PixelPar 90L

Available Fixtures: 35
Condition: Excellent
Date of Manufacture: 2006

Price: $150.00
*Price does not include case.


  • 90 high intensity red, green and blue K2 Luxeon emitters
  • Custom LED arrays by request
  • High quality, highest color binning
  • LED beam angle 8° full angle (other beam angles to order)
  • Extensive color palette
  • Light shaping diffusing lenses available to vary output beam angle
  • Provides an alternative projection medium for video manipulation software

Preset Programming

  • Onboard digital micro-processor accessible via user interface that provide access to 2 sets of 31 internal effects, each with the ability to vary the speed, intensity and cross fade for each effect
  • High frequency strobing up to 28 frames per second (variable up to 10min)


  • 4 digit alpha-numeric display indicates fixture address and other menu functions
  • DMX 512 input and output 5pin XLR standard
  • RDM ready
  • Selectable 3, 4 or 10 control channels
  • Master/slave capabilities
  • Master intensity channel option for RGB and/or internal chase generators
  • Selectable DMX address
  • Master intensity controlled via DMX input or adjusted in stand alone mode
  • Default factory reset (simple 2 button reset)
  • Personality ‘selectable resolution’ (3 or maximum 20 channel control)


  • 15lbs (6.8kg)


  • 6.8” (173mm) length x 10.7” (273mm) width x 12.6” (322mm) height


  • Auto ranging 100-240 vac power supply 50-60 hz
  • 3’ (1M) trailing lead