HES ShapeShifter C2 Sales


High End Systems ShapeShifter C2

Available Fixtures: 30
Condition: Excellent
Date of Manufacture: 2014

Price: $1,300.00
*Price includes 2 fixture case.  Sold in case quantities only.

ShapeShifter C2 features custom lensing and has the brightest LED range available today. This moving fixture offers flexibility with its innovative range, speed, and power. It has 7 independently controlled modules which can create a large array of highly defined beams that create a multitude of effects from bold to subtle.


  • LED Type- Cree XPE 2
  • LED Hours- 50,000
  • Custom Integrated Lens
  • High Contrast Beams Beam Angle- 10°
  • 7 Modules with Discreet Control
  • 6 Moving Modules- 36 Degrees X/Y Movement
  • Onboard Dynamic Macros
  • Environment Fan Control Electronic Cooling System Control
  • Control Options- OMX 512/RDM
  • Enhanced and Reduced Protocols
    • DMX Channels- 28- Standard, 79- Enhanced
    • Fixtures Per Universe- 18- Standard, 6- Enhanced