GT Plus Indexed (Black)


Tyler Truss GT Plus Indexed (Black)

Tyler GT Plus Truss with Indexable Spigots is designed with you in mind. Long an industry standard for touring truss, Tyler GT Plus has expanded to become a proven favorite for all corporate and entertainment events. This truss profile allows lighting fixtures to be pre-rigged before arriving to the event venue, thus eliminating their bulky cases and saving truck space. With tens of thousands of sticks sold, this truss has been around the world keeping both your fixtures and your budgets safe and sound.

Tyler patented Indexable Spigots can now be rotated onsite into either a horizontal or vertical orientation, easily changed with (2) flush-mount bolts. Economical and versatile gates can now be used in place of bulky corner blocks, allowing for a cleaner and lighter approach to changes in truss directions.


  • Reduces load-in / load-out time and fuel consumption.
  • Redesigned leg sleeves and locking leg collars allow for smoother operation as well as efficient install and removal.
  • Index Spigots give designers more options without the use of corner blocks.
  • Includes standard hardware connection.
  • Fabricated with 6005A-T6 aluminum sourced and produced in the U.S.A.